Anonymous asked: will you be my friend since your my favorite?

you’re* >=)

Anonymous asked: whats the sword of deseption?

the same as the sword of deception just with a lisp and some sass

Anonymous asked: if you could, would you have sex?

i can. i have, and i will continue to have sexual intercourse

the-demon-weegee asked: WELL HELLO, CURSED DOLL... WAT BRINGS YOU HERE?

the real question is what is it that brought you to me like a fly caught in a spider’s web

1 note

Anonymous asked: ahhhhhh

why so scared?

Anonymous asked: i can hug u?

if you wish death upon you and your entire family for the next 10 generations

ask-jaydeandmekeke asked: TD, What is your best moment in life

the instance when you have your prey like putty in your hands, the rush right before the inevitable kill

Anonymous asked: Come to villaba Tails Doll!

where’s dat yo

Anonymous asked: what are your thoughts on slenderman

a useful pawn, not the brightest of fellows but he serves me admirably 

Anonymous asked: What are you trying to do give mushroom kingdom and Villaba Nightmare?

i cannot comprehend this nonsense